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Go to https://lotusvibes.bandcamp.com/ to pick up our new album Eat The Light on vinyl, CD, and digitally!

Lotus announces the July 15th release date of the new studio album, Eat the Light. It’s a first for Lotus, an album with vocals on every song, featuring a range of guests including Johnny Fissinger, Oriel Poole, Steve Yutzy-Burkey and more. The tracks bubble with contagious dance energy and blast into orbit with sing-along choruses.

The Magic Hour, just after sunrise and just before sunset, is loved by cinematographers for the way it makes everything look heightened and surreal. Colors are brighter; shadows are darker. It is a moment when the impossible feels within reach. Eat the Light lives in this moment. Themes of sunlight, summer, cinema, and possibility permeate the album.

Lotus premiered the first single, “Eats the Light,” earlier this year with Billboard noting “the track's urgent drive and stripped-down arrangement, a nod to Talking Heads' Remain In Light era.” Frequent collaborator Gabe Otto (Pan Astral) joins on lead vocals, singing lyrics of technologic-fueled paranoia over bubbling analog synths and a driving groove. Though recreating the energy of a live Lotus show in the studio is difficult, "Eats the Light" has captured that electricity.



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  • Suitcases (Remastered)
  • Livingston Storm (Remastered)
  • Spiritualize (Remastered)
  • Plant Your Root (Remastered)
  • Travel (Remastered)
  • Greet The Mind (Remastered)
  • Ball Of Energy (Remastered)
  • Jump Off (Remastered)
  • Colorado (Remastered)
  • Suitcases (Live 6.8.2013)
  • Livingston Storm (Live 6.8.2013)
  • Spiritualize (Live 6.8.2013)
  • Plant Your Root (Live 6.8.2013)
  • Spiritualize Reprise (Live 6.8.2013)
  • Travel (Live 6.8.2013)
  • Greet The Mind (Live 6.8.2013)
  • Ball Of Energy (Live 6.8.2013)
  • Jump Off (Live 6.8.2013)
  • Colorado (Live 6.8.2013)

10 years ago, we released the first studio album of our career - an album that has stood the test of time with live staples like “Spiritualize,” “Plant Your Root,” “Greet The Mind” and fan favorite rarities like “Colorado” and “Ball Of Energy.”

To celebrate the anniversary, Nomad has been rereleased via Harmonized Records! The digital version is remastered and includes a live performance of the complete album from the June 2013 show at Mr. Smalls Theatre in Pittsburgh. And for the first time ever, NOMAD is available on vinyl!

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  • Let Me In
  • Gilded Age
  • I Want It All (To Give It Away)
  • The Oaks
  • Out of Focus
  • Sunset of the Giant Dipper
  • Out of Focus (Kilowatts - Bifocal Remix)
  • The Oaks (D.V.S* Remix)
  • I Want It All (To Give It Away) - (Marley Carroll Remix)
  • Let Me In (Skytree Remix)

When Mark Twain coined the term "The Gilded Age" he was describing the Reconstruction Era's thin veneer that masked substantial social struggle. Nostalgia is like the gilded age of memory. It's easy for the mind to increase the former glory, the perfect sheen, the once timelessness of present-day ruins.

On this album we wanted to occupy that powerful place of the human mind, the mental eye that can see erosion and cracks and envision a palace. We focused primarily on simple organic instruments: drum, bass, guitar, piano, percussion, played live in a room. The overall mood is one of reflective happiness, the joy of the impermanent, nostalgia of halcyon days.

Remixes from four superb down-tempo electronic producers take the nostalgia into deeper realms. The place where the brain starts reflecting on reflections and mixing together dreams and realities. Welcome to the Gilded Age.

Mike Greenfield – drums
Luke Miller – guitar, piano, organ
Jesse Miller – bass
Chuck Morris – percussion
Mike Rempel - guitar

All tracks recorded and mixed by Jonathon Low at Miner Street Studio (Philadelphia) except The Oaks recorded at Firebrand Studio (St. Louis) by Brian Scheffer. Mastered by Alan Douches West West Side Music.

Photographs by Isaac Turner. Layout by Carl Bender
2014 Lotus Vibes Music (ASCAP)

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  • Monk (Young)
  • He Ain't Well - ft. Ozay Moore
  • Cannon in the Heavens - ft. Lyrics Born
  • Great Molasses Flood
  • Deep Inside the Mothership - ft. CX
  • Different Dream - ft. Mr. Lif
  • Pitched to the Fire
  • Another World - ft. Gift of Gab
  • In the Shadow of Towers
  • Follow Me - ft. Mane Rock and Xencs L. Wing
  • Atlas Slugged
  • Simplify Unwind - ft. Mr. Lif
  • Four Tips - ft. Ras Arcane
  • Bow Out
  • Cloud 9 - ft. Doodlebug
  • Monk (Old)

“It's Tribe meets Digable Planets with a tight facelift, however, this track's brand of Botox is for the soul.” - Sarah Polonsky, Vibe

One of the defining and most popular acts in live electronic music, Lotus has never fit neatly in a simple categorization. The 5-piece continues to push boundaries with the September 10th release of Monks, a hip-hop album featuring Lyrics Born, Gift of Gab (Blackalicious), Mr. Lif, Doodlebug (Digable Planets) and more. Using the band’s own studio work as a sample source, the music will have a familiar feel to Lotus fans but recontextualized as classic hip-hop. Monks will be available digitally, for free via the band’s official website or on iTunes, and on vinyl.

"The project started with a couple tracks we recorded with Mr. Lif,” explains Luke Miller. “From there, we just kept expanding to eventually include 11 different MCs and singers. Lotus is predominantly an instrumental band, so it was a lot of fun to create these collaborations."

Instrumental interlude tracks push into more experimental to create cinematic vignettes. Jesse Miller states, “For the interludes, we went toward funk and jazz influenced beat music. Off-time drum beats, analog synthesizers, tape echo machines and even a baritone guitar were used to record these short evocative set pieces.”

The tracks on the album are woven together with a narrative following a monk's journey. "Life as a touring artist feels monastic sometimes. Monks devote their entire lives to their spirituality. We devote much of ours to music and have to sacrifice certain things to make that happen," says Luke.

Producers: Luke Miller and Jesse Miller
Musicians: Luke Miller (keyboards), Jesse Miller (bass, synths), Mike Rempel (guitar) Mike Greenfield (drums), Alex Toth (trumpet), Adam Dotson (Trombone), Erin Sharp (violin), Kenny Martin (cello). Voiceover: Michael Ricci
Music recording: American Diamond (engineer Bill Moriarty), Miner Street Studio (engineer Jonathon Low). Mastering: Daddy Kev. Mix: Tracks 4, 7, 9, 11, 16 - Jonathon Low at Miner Street Studio (Philadelphia). Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 - 2Genius at Dub Media (Denver)
Cover photo: Liz Nail. Layout: Tommy Bradel

2013 Lotus Vibes Music (ASCAP)